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Cordless, High Temperature Glue Gun

    Cordless, High Temperature Glue Gun


      This is the glue gun I use daily!
      High temperature cordless glue gun is ideal for craft, floral, and do-it-yourself projects. Use high temperature for better bonding to metal, wood, ceramics, leather, and other porous and non-porous materials. Corded or Cordless operation. High Temperature. Ergonomic design.

      Has a lay down feature and contains a safety fuse that will shut the gun down in case of malfunction or overheating. On/Off switch and light. Lasts up to 2-3 minutes off the charging base. Uses standard 0.43 inch diameter glue sticks.  No batteries needed. Operates at 380 F. Features: On/Off switch, 60-Watt, insulated nozzle and includes stand. Use with or without cord for various projects. Works with either 4-Inch or 10-Inch long glue sticks with standard 7/16-Inch diameter.